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  1. Worcester boiler fitter Peacehaven
    Worcester Bosch combi - 5 year warranty
    Fully fitted boiler £2400
  2. Baxi combi boiler fitting Peacehaven
    Baxi Advance - 10 year warranty
    New boiler installed for £2360
  3. Vaillant combi boiler fitter
    Vaillant Ecotec+ 5 year warranty
    Fully fitted boiler £2650
  4. Worcester Bosch combi boiler installer Peacehaven
    Worcester Bosch - 5 year warranty
    Completely installed for £3170
  5. Cheap Ideal combi boiler fitter Peacehaven
    Ideal Logic+ 7 year warranty
    Amazing price at only £2330 fitted
  6. Baxi combi boiler fitter Peacehaven
    Baxi combi - 10 year warranty
    Very affordable at just £2730
  7. Cheap boiler deal Peacehaven
    Heatline Capriz - 2 year warranty
    Cheap boiler at only £2038
  8. Cheap combi boiler fitting Peacehaven
    Ideal Vogue - 10 year warranty
    Smart choice at a mere £2790

Prices includes boiler, standard flue and fitting - based on swapping an existing combi boiler.

There are hundreds of boilers. Please get in touch, your property can be assessed to make sure you are getting the most efficient running boiler for your needs.

Don't get caught out by a badly selected boiler - call the experts today.
Smart boiler control
Get Smart. Take control.

Using your WiFi and smartphone to control your heating is fantastic.

I mean, we don't still stand up and change the channel on the tv anymore (todays kids will never know!) - we use a remote.

So why so many of us still use old technology when the easier to use, new stuff is already here?!

Plus, it saves money and time.
Boiler servicing and repairs
Perhaps you have a really great boiler and you want to keep it that way.

If that's the case you're in the right place.
Call now to keep your unit in tip-top shape.
When your boiler suddenly stops working and you find yourself with no heating or no hot water it can be very inconvenient.

1. The best thing to do is first make sure you have topped up your water pressure above 1 bar.

2. Then check everything is swithced on, your thermostat is working and has battery power.

3. Check you have gas at another appliance, like a gas fire or hob.

Failing those checks, call a boiler expert in as soon as possible to get it sorted (particularly if you have an old or unusual boiler - as parts may take a day to arrive).